Club Policies, Forms & Documents (PDF)


Membership Form (rev.3/18)

Member's annual flight check form (.docx) (PDF) (rev.6/18)

Members' Price list (rev.2/19)

Introductory Lesson Price list (rev.5/18)

Visiting Pilots briefing (rev.10/16)

Visiting Tugs policy (rev.11)

Incident Reporting: Form(PDF)  Web Form  Notes(PDF)

Flight manual

The following are believed to be the current versions however you must check the aircraft's own Flight Manual before relying upon the information provided here.

PZL Junior (Issue II May 2016)

Twin Astir

Twin II Acro (rev.12/80)

Eurofox (rev.1.1)

Eurofox Towing Gliders (rev.2.0)


Glider (rev.8/18)

Eurofox (rev.4/18)


Memorandum & Articles

Membership Categories (rev.3/19)

Community Amateur Sports Club

Affordable Gliding policy (rev.2/16)

Gift Aid declaration form (rev.5/18)


GDPR: Privacy Notice (rev.10/18)

Equal Opportunity (rev.4/14)

Child Protection (rev.4/14)

Code of Conduct (rev.4/14)

Code of Conduct Parents & Carers (rev.4/14)

Code of Conduct Juniors (rev.4/14)