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Welcome to Competition Enterprise 2016
A huge "thank you" to our Sponsors:


Welcome to Herefordshire Gliding Club. We are usually a relatively small operation, with around 30 members on a good day. We last hosted Competition Enterprise in 1979 and 1981, since when a lot has changed both within the club and at the airfield.

In spite of our small size, we believe that Shobdon holds the informal height record for England and Wales, set by Mike Costin in the 1980s, and another of this week's competitors, Phil King, has recently flown what we think is the longest flight entirely in Wales, at 503 km. We hope that you will aim to challenge these flights with even greater achievements!

Enterprise 2015 at Sutton Bank, with 7 out of 8 days flying and a total of 10,000 km flown on one particular day, is clearly going to be a hard act to follow - thank you for that Yorkshire Gliding Club! Here at Shobdon we can also offer thermal, wave and ridge lift, and as always with the help of some decent weather, will do everything we can to ensure an equally enterprising time for everybody.

We currently have 30 gliders taking part, and thus have amassed a total of 5 tugs to facilitate a daily launching frenzy should it prove necessary. This level of activity may well not have been seen since 1943, when troop carrying glider pilots were trained here for the Normandy and Arnhem landings. Your tug in those days would likely have been a Miles Master, towing not one but two Hotspur gliders, and a field landing usually meant the farmer involved gained a new chicken shed!

Today we share the airfield harmoniously with Herefordshire Aero Club, Swiftflight Microlights and also Tiger Helicopters and I'd like to thank them all for their co-operation in allowing and enabling us to run the competition.

Finally, thank you all for entering - I hope that we have superb weather and a well-run event and that you all have an excellent time.

Mike Hayes
Herefordshire Gliding Club